Anssr vs Hortonworks or Cloudera


Just wondering what are the advantages of Anssr over the other major players in this space such as Hortonworks or Cloudera?


A major advantage to Cloudera and Hortonworks is that in Anssr, you can deploy software such as Hue with Hadoop. I’ve often found with Cloudera and Hortonworks that a bit of software that I liked using was available on one platform but not the other. Anssr brings together such a variety of softwares that this is never an issue. All your required software is in one place!


@tim15 is certainly correct in most senses, you can mix and match software from various different software vendors because we’re vendor agnostic, we just like using cool software.

Drill from MapR, Hue from Cloudera, Ranger from Hortonworks we can mix them together.

The other key thing is you pay for what you actually use, we’re not selling a full stack, you pay for the software you actually use and not the other stuff that you’ll never install. You can also integrate other charms and software into the stack using the same code base, which gives you added flexibility and power.