Whats your favourite Database and why?


Quick and easy one.

Whats your favourite database?

MySQL is easy for newbs. Postgres has a bunch more features with schemas etc that MySQL doesn’t have.

Is OracleDB still a thing? Or now they own MySQL do people migrate from MySQL to OracleDB? I doubt it but I’m curious.


I undertook a database module while I was studying for my MSc and was taught the SQL language as it were, in Postgres. Having not tried the other database platforms I can’t really make a comparison. I would recommend Postgres to a ‘newbie’ though as even having studied Chemistry beforehand and having no real computing background, I found it relatively simple to pick up the basics of the database handling software.


Postgres is cool, I like it a lot. It has more features than MySQL but has a slightly higher learning curve than its cousin.

On the flip side, MySQL’s SQL parser is a lot less strict which makes getting to grips with MySQL easier, but the MySQL licensing is interesting and with Oracle being its owners, people are more wary of using it in a commercial setting these days. PostgreSQL has a much more liberal license which makes it a more appealing prospect for commercial reuse.

For raw power, I’m a huge fan of Exasol, its an amazing database for processing high volume data quickly, but it costs a few quid if you want to deploy it properly.


I like NoSQL database a lot :slight_smile:

I know it has a learning curve, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s quite nice.

The advantage of using a NoSQL database is that you don’t have to know exactly what your data will look like ahead of time. Perhaps you have an Users table, but you don’t know what kind of information you’ll want to store about each user. In a relational database, you need to make columns like username, email and etc. If you find out later on that you need a phone number, you have to add a column for that. There’s no need for this kind of planning/structuring in a NoSQL database.


You make my inner DBA very sad @brenopolanski :wink: